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Team Up with Us!

Do you own or manage a Boutique, Spa, Salon, Wellness Center, Supermarket, Hotel or Online Retail Store? Perfect! 

Do you believe everyone deserves the very best beauty & skincare products made with high-quality, effective, and safe ingredients? 

We do too! Here at Unicorn Universe Beauty Co. we want all to be the very best Unicorn you can be. Join Us in the Universe where you can be your kind of Unicorn.

Why Us?

Premium Products
without a Premium Price Tag

Unicorn Universe Beauty Co. offers skin, beauty and hair care products that are as natural as they are effective. All of our products are cruelty-free, sustainably packaged and made here in the USA. Oh Yeah! There hand-crafted too. BECOME A WHOLESALER



Did You Know? We offer private label products for brands old and new. 

Do you have a new beauty brand, want to add a new product line, or do you want to start a brand? Perfect!  We offer READY TO LABEL products of all sorts. If you need haircare, skincare, body care and beauty products we got you covered.