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MoonMatter™ - Purify

Purify your skin -- it's natural and organic. ☀️ 🌙

Purify is an everyday oil cleanser, all natural great for makeup enthusiast, and those who want a deep clean without stripping the skin's surface.  

 Target concerns: +All Skin Types +Mature Skin

  • Sunflower Oil: Is a great source of vitamin E. It is also rich in nutrients and antioxidants that are effective for fighting acne, inflammation, redness, and other skin irritations. Sunflower is also an emollient that helps retain moisture in the skin.


  • Can be used as moisturizer too. 

How To Use: For the first step of your double cleanse, use 1 to 2 pumps. Apply to a dry face, use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into the skin. Add a splash of warm water to emulsify and remove oil-based impurities. Rinse thoroughly and gently wipe away the oil before moving to step two, a water-based cleanser. 

SIZE: 2 oz/ 60 mL

Ingredients: Unrefined Sunflower Oil

Some or All of ingredients may cause allergic reaction please test a small area BEFORE using on face.