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Bad Beauty Habits that Need to Go!

Bad Beauty Habits that Need to Go!

Hi Unicorns!

Have you bought all these brand new products for your face, but still have the same issues? Sometimes it's not the products, it's our habits! We have listed five common bad habits below that you might not even notice you are doing, but now, you HAVE to cut them out!


#1: Touching Your Face

I just had to look up how many times we touch our face and I was shocked. Two main studies popped up when I looked on google. One study said we touch our face on average 16 times an hour and another said on average 23 times an hour. Yes, an hour! That means that whatever we are touching is getting on our face. Gross.


#2: Sleeping in Your Makeup

Now I know sometimes we have had a long day or we are already laying in bed and do not want to get back up. But we all know we should not sleep in our makeup. Not only does it clog our pores, but it gets bacteria (from touching your face all day) on our pillow sheets, and then we sleep on it for 8 hours. 


#3: Skipping the Sunscreen

Like we have said in blog posts past, everyone needs to wear sunscreen. Our skin (especially our face) needs to be protected from the strong UV rays from the sun. This can prevent early wrinkling, skin cancer, and pigmentation changes.


#4: Wearing an Old Mask

You should be rotating a new mask every 2 weeks max! Our masks collect a lot of bacteria and I know because I just leave my mask sitting in my car, on my desk, and in my purse. I can only imagine what bacteria was already sitting on my desk before I put my mask there.


#5: Overly Washing your Face

"My face is really oily, so I have to wash my face multiple times a day." False, false, and falseeee. Your face is most likely oily because you keep washing all of the natural oils and sebum we are supposed to have on our face. By washing your face too often, you can throw off you oil production balance which sends it into hyperdrive. We suggest that you gently wash your face once a day with a soft face wash like our Vanish or Balance Face Wash to prevent too much oil production or blemishes!


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